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Automotive enthusiasts are a finicky bunch, which is why niche focus is so important.

Our niche-centric approach allows us to establish ourselves as topical experts. This in turn helps us grow a very specific audience for each of our automotive properties.

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Our Audience

We're Always Growing Our Audience To Extend Our Influence

Audience Statistics

We work hard to develop a core audience of loyal readers, but we also embrace the opportunity to serve content to casual readers and search engine users. Our audience statistics reflect both a base of readers that keep coming back for more as well as a substanial volume of search engine traffic. For more information about our exact audience make up, please contact us.

Meet Our Team

Success Starts With Expertise

Tim Esterdahl

Tim Esterdahl

Tim blogs, covers auto news, and contributes to a variety of sites.

Email Tim - tim@sporkpub.com

Elizabeth Puckett

Elizabeth Puckett

Elizabeth is a hard-core performance enthusiast and professional blogger.

Email Elizabeth - elizabeth@sporkmarketing.com

Jason Lancaster

Jason Lancaster

The founder of Spork Publishing, Jason's is a cited auto industry expert.

Email Jason - jason@sporkmarketing.com

A Network of Expert Contributors

One of our greatest strengths as a media/publishing company is our network of automotive experts, photographers, and videographers available for assignment. Do you need an expert to write an article about turbocharger design, or maybe an animated video? Coverage of an upcoming car show, including photos and video?

Our network of contributors is always growing. If you're an automotive creative professional, feel free to contact us with a link to your portfolio

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